Community Projects

Thanks to our fantastic FeastyFest visitors we were able to fund this specialist electric handcycle wheelchair. This made it easier for Goz, a TV stills photographer, to get around and thrive in his career.

This is the sort of difference we make to people’s lives at FeastyFest.

Food for good

What makes FeastyFest so magical and inspiring is the good we do for the community.

As a not-for-profit event, the very reasonable price of your ticket goes towards well-deserving local projects, individual, and charities.

These include;
  • One step at a time – a day out for families of children with special and complex needs
  • Christmas dinners for the elderly in sheltered housing where government funding has been removed
  • Secret Santa for underprivileged people in the community
  • Funding life-changing mobility items essential to people’s jobs and careers

FeastyFest really is a win win win.

Enjoy the day.

Support and celebrate small, local producers.

And help people in the community as a result.