Community Projects

FeastyFest Community Projects was launched to empower people to create, inspire and build new opportunities for each other and work closely with individuals and community groups to provide a wide range of activities which target the most in need in our local community.

We are self funded with no government assistance and rely on donations made by our parent company FeastyFest, private companies & individuals.

By being independent, small and self-regulating it means we can usually cut out the red tape, the thousands of forms and the computer says no scenarios.

We are there to help and wherever possible we will. Please remember we are NOT a charity, but a community organisation that is trying to make a difference.

Latest Projects:

A Day Out for Children with Complex Needs

Status: Live

FeastyFest Community Projects will be helping One Step At A Time who are a small friendly support group for families with special needs children started by one woman whose own son Alfie was born in 2004 with a rare genetic disorder called Gillespie syndrome (he’s 1 of 26 in the world).

As a family they understand the importance of contact with others in similar situations and hope the group will enable families with complex needs children to feel less alone by offering the support of this small community.

One Step At A Time’s aim is to bring families together for friendship and support while giving children the opportunity to express themselves throughout play. There mission is to create a safe haven for children with additional needs to have fun and develop their play skills in a safe environment.

At present they support around 35 children, parents and carers with ages from 4 to 15 with a number of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Disorder, Autism, Mobility Issues and Complex Needs . Caring for a child/children can be very challenging and over whelming at times this is where One Step at a Time do their very best to support each and every one.

Our Aim

Each year One Step at a Time like to take not only the children with complex needs, but the carers and families on a day out where the children get to interact as a group in a safe, fun and new environment while the parents can relax and reinforce their community support network and with 35 children, families and carers arranging such a day can be challenging to say the least.

FeastyFest Community Projects will be arranging transport, the day’s activities, food and offering their physical support on the day so PLEASE help us achieve our target for this wonderful group by making a donation.

OAP Sheltered Housing Christmas Dinner

Status: Completed

It’s a real shame that during the festive period organisations are dropping their support to homes for the elderly. It may only be a meal to many, but getting together for a Christmas dinner may be the only time some people get to spend time with others.

We are proud to say they will be supporting a sheltered housing scheme for the elderly located in Epsom.

FeastyFest Community Projects will be supplying and cooking a 3 course Christmas dinner for about 40 residents on the 17th December followed by a lucky dip Christmas presents and a 50’s themed disco.

How can I help?

If you feel our work benefits the community and you would like to contribute we have set up a GoFundMe page that can be accessed here

If you have a cause that you feel needs some help please let us know about it.